Descrizione Progetto


Along the wall that marked the arch of the Cala in the 17th century, five doors opened: della Dogana, della Pescaria, Carbone o della Legna, Calcina and Piedigrotta. From these points the various goods were placed in the city; near Pescaria fish was sold, from Porta Carbone coal and firewood entered, outside Porta Calcina, the lime and sand necessary for the construction of the buildings were deposited and sold, finally Porta Piedigrotta was so called because of its proximity to the 16th century church with the same name.

Porta Carbone or Della Legna was given this name because firewood and coal were sold nearby, transported with large boats from Caronia, Cefalù and other places to the island. About its architectural characteristics, we know that the wall structure was made of large stones and it had not been completed in the upper part. The door was demolished in 1875 because of an absurd conception of urban renewal but its name is used to indicate the junction between via Argenteria and the Cala.